5 Ways to Combat the Container Struggle

5 Ways to Combat Storage Container Struggles

We all know the struggle tupperware containers far too well! The containers have no lids, all the lids have no matching containers, and you are pretty sure 1/2 of these you didn't even buy. How does this happen and how do you conquer the mess? Here are some great ideas to help conquer the heap!


Keeping a container without a lid is ridiculous, right? At least once a year, go through and match up all containers and lids. Toss the stragglers.

2) Separate

Reduce the mess by keeping lids and containers separate. Lots of styles come with connecting lids that keep things, more more or less together.


Do you need to stack containers due to space restrictions? Stack by size, but most importantly, stack by priority! 

Tip: If you use the bigger containers more frequently than the smaller ones, it's a hassle to constantly spend time moving the small ones aside. Simply flip that pile and store "upside down", so the larger containers are on top of the stack, easily accessible.

4) Invest

Do you find yourself constantly struggling with food storage containers, no matter what you try? It's time to invest in an organizer. From a base cabinet pullout system to a wall cabinet organizer, these cabinet accessories force you to stay (more) organized. There are numerous options out there for a wide range of needs and budgets. 

5) Be consistent

There's no need to toss everything and start new all at once (that's a waste and costly!). But as you toss old, unusable containers, purchase new ones that are the same brand. Different brands mean different shapes and sizes, leaving you stuck with the ultimate struggle- "what lid goes with this specific container?!" 

Tip: Save your sanity by picking a brand and sticking with it.

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Probably the most anticipated new product of 2017 has been the Food Storage Container Organizer. Organizers transform those ridiculous Tupperware and container cabinets into well-organized storage, so you can keep track of your containers and lids without dealing with an avalanche every time you go to grab one out. 

Featuring sturdy dovetail construction, stylish chrome accents, and soft-close slides, these organizers are top-of-the-line solutions to a problem every homeowner faces. The bottom pegboard and adjustable chrome dividers allow for endless customization, guaranteeing a personalized solution for every customer.

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