The Ultimate Ensuite Bathroom Makeover!

The Ultimate Ensuite Bathroom Makeover!

The Hideous Original Bathroom

Recently my fiance and I found a new place to call home, but it needed some fixing up before the big move. Nothing too major, painting trims, tile the backsplash and some good old fashioned cleaning.

However, I just could NOT live with the ensuite bathroom being a flashback to the 1970's and the master bedroom featuring forest green carpets and purple walls... check out this before shot to the right ---->>

It doesn't look as awful in the photo because you can't tell how dirty, damaged and run down it was becoming. Yuck. No way we would EVER use room in the state was in.

Getting Started

Gutted bathroom cabinetry and plumbing

I started the project by calling Stemwinder Plumbing to come and gut out the old stained, chipping toilet and sink. Then I removed the existing vanity and storage cabinets and all the trims. See how the floor is different shades of stained yellow? So gross! It also become painfully evident that the walls have been painted a pastel shade of purple. One more thing that had to go.

The Flooring

Next I got to work on the floor. There was no way I wanted to pull up the existing (nasty) lino so I vacuumed and scrubbed'er clean in order to lay a new floating floor over top.

I chose to go with Allure Flooring in Mojave Slate from Home Depot. This flooring was super easy to install since it is has a sticky edge that you match up. I chose this route since I don't have to worry much about water (no tub or shower) and because it is very DIY friendly.

New flooring laid in ensuite bathroom

Changing the floor was a great decision and only took a couple of hours one evening to do with a straight edge and a utility knife! Totally do-able for any first time DIYer.

Cutting around the toilet drain was the hardest part, I settled on doing it square. It wasn't perfect and beautiful but the toilet covers it so who cares? Not me!

The Walls

The next evening I got to work shiplapping the back wall. It give the room a focal point by adding texture and intrigue to the space. Shiplapping is a super affordable and easy way to accomplish that. 

To do the shiplap wall I used 5/8" MDF and cut it into 6" strips. Once I had all the strips cut I sanded the top face edges to remove the sharpness and ensure there was definition after they where painted. Then I stacked and painted the edges (make sure to unstack them so they don't dry together!)

To start I found my studs and drew a straight line up the wall to use as a nailing guide. I laid my first board behind where the toilet would go and cut it long enough that the vanity would sit our from it (so the boards run behind the vanity, not up to it). Then I placed my level on top and used pennies to level the first board. I worked my way up the wall spacing each layer with a penny and as I got high enough to need two board across, I would space those board ends with a penny as well. Every third or fourth board ran the whole length. 

Shiplap Wall in Progress

Painted Shiplap Wall.

Once everything was up I started to paint. I used a small foam trim roller on the shiplap so that the spaces did not fill up with paint and any spots that dripped or ran I used a folded up piece of paper to remove before it hardened. 

Cabinetry install almost complete.

The Cabinetry

The next step was to install my vanity. I had already designed it and had it made. I designed it specifically to maximize my storage space - I wanted lots of drawers to organize my hoards of makeup and hair products. I also chose to add three floating shelves above the toilet for decor.

I opted for double thick end panels instead of standard 5/8". This has been a blessing because my cords for my hair dryer and straightener don't get pinched between the wall and the drawers. My previous vanity this was a daily problem.

I absolutely love the color, it is a warm brown/gray stain and creates a beautiful contrast and focuses the eye.

The countertop is a postform "d" wrap style and the color is Spring Carnival from Wilsonart. It has brown and gray tones in it and its stunning!

And yes, I installed the vanity and floating shelves myself. I figured I had watched enough cabinet installs that I should be able to execute the basics. I am super happy with how it turned out and learned a lot along the way. The floating shelves were super easy as well! 

Once the vanity cabinet was in I added brand new white trims and then called Stemwinder Plumbing and Heating back to install a swanky new sink, faucet and toilet 

The Decor

What a transformation already! To finish off the transformation I had to decorate! I had had my eye on a mirror at Real Deals for quite some time so I popped by the store to see if they still had it and if it matched the cabinetry colors I had already chosen... the staff at the store were incredibly helpful. I showed them photos of the room so far and had a sample of my cabinet color. Not only was the mirror perfect, the staff helped me to pick out decor for the shelves as well!

Alright it is time for the big reveal!

Check out the completed transformation!

The complete bathroom transformation

WOW right?? I am so happy with how it turned out. Definitely my favorite room in the house. Here are a few more photos.

Before & After

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