Top 10 Kootenay Kitchen Trends

Top 10 Kootenay Kitchen Trends of 2016

We truly believe that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Why? Nobody just cooks in their kitchen anymore, it is a central hub for our lives. We help kids with their homework, entertain family and friends, organize schedules and even watch TV.

Living in the Kootenay's and a leader in the cabinetry industry our design team gets to see a lot of trends come and go, many of which never make it to our neck of the woods. We live in a beautiful place and our clients take a lot of inspiration from our surroundings.

Take a look at our top 10 design trends from 2016:


1. Painted cabinets

Bright sleek whites to warm neutral grays, paint has become increasingly more common this year. 


2. Farm and Apron Sinks

Farm and apron sinks have nearly become standard for kitchen renovations these days. With so many colors, materials and styles to choose from they create a statement and create a unique style for each home.

Kootenay Kitchen Trends (Farm Sinks)

3. Rustic Style

Living in the Kootenay's it is no surprise that the rustic theme has caught on big time! We definitely see the beauty in nature around here and that eye for unique, raw materials transfers to create a warm and cozy home. Often clients ask for hickory, black walnut simply lacquered to enhance their natural beauty, and this year we saw a rise in barnboard and other reclaimed style woods.

Kootenay Kitchen Trends (Rustic Country Style)

4. Matted Stainless Steel

The most popular appliance colors change every few years (remember those pastel colored appliances?) Stainless steel has been popular for quite some time, but instead of only gleaming silver, lots of styles now include a stunning black or even slate and in a matte, finger-print resistant finish. Talk about eye catching!

Kootenay Kitchen Trends (Matte Appliances)

5. Pullouts and Organization

The number of pullout and organization options for kitchens (an all rooms) has increased substantially and can actually make cooking fun (yes, I said that!) We love when our clients want to incorporate mix master lifts, spice pullouts, pantry sliders and wine racks into their kitchen. 

Kootenay Kitchen Trends (Organization)

6. All the way up

Whether it is for the seamless look or the extra storage space, our Kootenay clients love stretching their cabinets to the ceiling. Adding in glass cabinets creates a unique customized look and is great for displaying decor or beautiful china.

Kootenay Kitchen Trends (Ceiling)

7. Integrated Living Spaces

It's a fact that homes in the Kootenay's have way too many walls (ok, maybe we made that up). However, the majority of our clients want more open and interactive spaces for guests and family to mingle and to host those dream holiday parties. We are seeing simple "lets-just-update" projects turn into "well-if-we-really-are-doing-this-lets-take-out-some-walls" type projects. And we must say! The results are stunning and improve the whole look and feel of the home for the better.

Kootenay Kitchen Trends (Before)
Kootenay Kitchen Trends (Integrated Living)
Kootenay Kitchen Trends (Integrated Living)

8. Well-lit Cabinetry

Ceiling lights and table lamps just don't cut it anymore. Our clients love to illuminate their kitchens with under cabinet lighting and special lights in cabinets with glass fronts to show off their china and decor.

Kootenay Kitchen Trends (Lighting)

9. Contrasting Islands

There is no reason that the central area of your kitchen needs to match the perimeter. In the Kootenay's we are a lot of people gravitating towards contrasting the island cabinetry and countertop colors. The results are stunning!

Kootenay Kitchen Trends (Islands)

11. Single Level Islands

With homes trending towards open concept layouts, the single level island design allows light to to stream through the spaces. Bonus, they expand valuable prep space.

Kootenay Kitchen Trends (Single Level Islands)