Kitchen Trends to Watch for 2019

As you can imagine, a kitchen remodel can be perplexing as you may not know where to begin, or how to chart the best course of action. Before you set about planning the initial stages of a complete kitchen renovation, it’s essential to research kitchen styles and trends and create a collection of inspirational photos. This will help you stay on track when it comes time to choose finishes and products. It is easy to get overwhelmed.

To get you started on bringing your New Years kitchen remodel ideas to life, we’re looking at the top kitchen decor and renovation trends for 2019. Here’s everything you need to know to redesign the heart of your home with confidence and ease.

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Though we’ve seen our fair share of various countertop materials come and go, the popularity of brilliant quartz finishes continues to have no end in sight as it remains one of our client’s most frequently requested materials, and for good reason. The colors and patterns are very simple and soft.

Wilsonart Laminate Countertop

Wilsonart Laminate Countertop

Designer Tip: You can get this look on a budget by opting for a laminate like this one from Wilsonart.

The simple countertop colors and patters has a great timeless look, quartz and laminate is virtually indestructible – just be sure to avoid excessive heat as hot spots can damage the material easily.

The all white kitchen is out!

While there’s no denying the timeless appeal of an ultra-bright white kitchen, but there are plenty of fantastic alternatives to take in for a more rich and intoxicating look.

Say Bye Bye….

Design by Studio McGee

Design by Studio McGee

Now say hello too…

Design by Studio McGee

Design by Studio McGee

And it should go without saying that all white kitchens are much harder to keep clean on a daily basis, so why not consider bringing in some distinctive hues to create a more memorable kitchen?

If you really must have white, consider pairing it with a dramatic feature island or breaking up the cabinets with wood shelving accents.

Set a Dramatic Tone

Instead of bright optic white, consider setting a moodier tone in your kitchen with alluring and unexpected color to create a more rich and nuanced look.

From night watch, 2019’s dark and dramatic green tinged color of the year to earthier terracotta or even more vibrant tones, do consider adding a sense of elevated energy with colors that evoke emotion and a positive spirit.

Images Courtesy of Google

Images Courtesy of Google

Matte Everything

Who doesn’t love the slick touch of matte finishes? And lucky for you, we’ve noticed showrooms chock full of matte cabinetry and appliances that while attractive, are ultimately much easier to keep clean and are certain to not go out of style anytime soon thanks to their forever-cool allure.

Jewel Tone Cabinetry

The tendency to go for all-white kitchens is fading. People are looking for something catchy and moodier with their kitchen design ideas. Jewel toned cabinetry add an elegant sense of drama to any home, are easier to manage, and are an elegant alternative to standard ivories.

Dark jewel tone cabinetry has been gaining in popularity during 2018, we will likely be seeing lots more

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Use Bold Patterns & Textures

As the times call for clean, symmetrical straight lines, we’re seeing grid motifs used as a lite nod to industrial styling everywhere in contrasting black for windows, doors, and cabinet legs.  

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Bring Nature Indoors

In 2019 we will see more kitchens and home decor inspired by nature. People are trading in their dark stained cabinets of the early 2000 for more bright and contrasting cabinets. Wood and natural textures soften the space and make it feel comfortable and relaxing.

About Our Award Winning Hardware

About our award winning hardware

At Gipman Kitchens & Cabinetry we are dedicated to providing our clients with the best quality cabinetry at competitive prices. Our mission has always been and will always be about quality. We are passionate about using the finest materials and manufacturing with great care.

That is why we choose Hettich for our cabinetry hardware. Based in Germany, Hettich Hardware is an award winning global hardware manufacturer. Their innovative solutions have positioned them as one of the top hardware manufacturers in the world.

We have been using Hettich Hardware for over ten years, we have tried and tested every hardware system out there and nothing compares to Hettich’s lifetime warranty and product quality. Hettich values the end user (that is you!) of their products and is consistently setting the precedent in the industry with hardware that is sleek, functional, practical and effortless.

Our Hinges

Hinges from Hettich are the heart of good cabinet doors: innovative, reliable and long lasting. They provide top quality as well as clever mounting and adjustment capabilities. The multiple award winning Sensys hinge has revolutionised the world of hinges with its invisibly integrated Silent System.

Sensys, the hinge technology with integrated Silent System for even more convenience when closing hinged doors. With its uniquely wide automatic closing angle, Sensys closes the door almost completely on its own. Innovative, smooth, gentle, quiet. Convenience boost in award winning design from Hettich.

What this means for our clients:

  • Close your cabinet doors with less effort. Simply close the door to 35 degrees and the hardware will do the rest.

  • Integrated soft-closing mechanism means no cheap clip on attachment that can fall off or wear out.

  • The stay open feature ensures that your cabinet door will stay put when opened wide. You never have to worry about bonking your head!

Images courtesy of Hettich Canada.

Our Drawer Systems

For the kitchen, bathroom bedroom, living-room, office. Ingenious concept for systems to suit any application. Convenient, sturdy, smooth running, attractive.

Quadro 4D drawer runner

All of our drawers utilize the Quadro 4D drawer runner whether it is with our melamine drawer box or our Innotech Atira system. Quadro 4D is the ideal runner for sophisticated cabinetry design with precision:

  • Steel ball bearings for lasting user convenience

  • Convenient tool-less adjustment in 4 directions

  • Stability, long life and operating convenience of the Quadro principle: high precision runners for harmonious, smooth running action.

  • Full extension runner for a perfect view of drawer contents and easy access

  • Elegantly concealed underneath the drawer bottom panel.

  • Optional push to open components.

Images courtesy of Hettich Canada.

InnoTech Atira drawer system

The drawer system InnoTech Atira makes a feature of its fullness of character and in doing so offers individual potential for creativity.

Sharp contours, a choice of colours and diverse side elements complemented by a wealth of interior organisation solutions. No other drawer system provides this level of individuality. One platform, endless options: Reliable quality and high practical convenience.

Images courtesy of Hettich Canada.