Modern Mountain Mansion


Introducing...the Modern Mountain Mansion!  Our client's kitchen is modern yet timeless with the slab doors and chunky handles. The stained wood gives just a hint of texture and character. What is not to love about this home built on Jim Smith Lake?

Modern Mountain Mansion.png


The ceiling in this home is vaulted so it was important to our clients that the cabinets did not look tiny. We came up with this staggered idea and they loved it!



To create further interest, stacked up the upper cabinets and made the bottom, easy to reach cabinets lift up. This makes regularly used items quick and easy to access.



The base cabinets along the back cabinets are not actually drawers. They are double drawer fronts that are actually just one large door! This makes the insides huge! Great for storing lots of large items.


The countertops are laminate with a bevel edge. This gives the cabinets a high-end feel. On the island we have the stove, dishwasher and sink. While unconventional, being pared with the raised eating bar actually works out nicely as the it overlooks the dining room and main living space.



This pantry unit sits just to the side of the island. There is a large pantry around the side of the fridge but this is great for frequently used items.




This pantry is equip with pullout shelves that ensure not items get lost in the back.


The bathroom vanities are made out of a prefinished melamine that features a white and beige grain pattern. I particularly love the detail in this master bathroom. The makeup counter has plenty of drawers for storage and each end has an open cabinet.



The white bathroom vanities are paired with the same door and drawer pulls as the kitchen. It is important to carry design elements from one room to the next to create a cohesive home.



The countertops in the bathrooms are also bevel edged to match the kitchen, however the laminate selection is different. This pattern resembles more of a man-made stone product.


Designed the same as the vanities is the Laundry Room. This laundry room is fairly simple but has one awesome feature: the open shelves for laundry baskets. No need to store it on the counter and take up valuable folding and sorting space.


The modern faucet pairs well with the chunky cabinetry handles.