High Gloss Glamour

We've worked with a bunch of homeowners this year helping them renovate their kitchens. But because each home and family has its own distinct lifestyle, it's always a blast differentiating their visual appearance through woods, finishes, and design details. 

High Gloss Glamour


This newest renovation project for Sylvia Lizotte is no exception, and I'm excited to take you behind the scenes today and show you how we reflected her style and distinct personality through her new kitchen cabinetry. 



Sylvia Lizotte and her husband decided to relocate to Cranbrook. They found a cute, bungalow style home, circa 1970s. The home was in good condition but definitely in need of a modernizing. They came to our office in search of a designer who could help them renovate their main kitchen space to be open, modern and much more functional. 


Lots of mechanical wires to operate the touch to open systems


Sylvia had a vision of a crisp white, high gloss kitchen. She wanted the opening and closing operations to be touch controlled. Her vision was straight horizontal lines with no handles. By choosing white, glossy cabinet doors, the space reflects light and gives an open, bright and spacious vibe.




One of the coolest features of this kitchen is the way the upper cabinets open in a fold upwards. Sylvia also chose to go with contrasting interiors instead of a standard white. 

The base cabinet roll out (below) serves as a small pantry for frequently used food items and snacks for their grandchildren. The main pantry is to the left of the stove (above).




Even the drawers are touch to open and soft closing. The black interiors balance nicely with the black soapstone countertops. These countertops where special o



Now lets talk about these gorgeous soapstone countertops! Soapstone is a durable kitchen countertop material that can hide nicks and scratches quite easily with a little mineral oil. Near the sink, the manufacturer incorporated custom drainage lines for an hand-washed dishes.



Curious if soapstone countertops are the right choice for you? Read our article below to learn more!


Speaking of washing dishes, we LOVE this double dishwasher that Sylvia sourced from a shop in Nelson, BC. This dishwasher is perfect for her and her husband as the two of them do not use too many dishes, but when they host large family gathering, the extra space is needed!



Before & After

The transformation of this space is truly unbelievable! Use the slider bar to see the difference!