Kootenay Life Dental

Today we are giving you a behind-the-scenes look at the creative design process that took place behind our cabinetry design project for Kootenay Life Dental, the office of Dr. Brent Davis. We are excited to walk you through the design process!

Kootenay Life Dental


Dr. Brent Davis came to our design team to discuss the updates needed renovate his dental office in Cranbrook, BC. 

Our design team visited the site to gather preliminary measurements and then using our CAD software, designed different versions of the space. We tweaked the design to show different features and ideas to help Dr. Davis plan his office.



The basic footprint of the space worked well for their daily activities, so there was no need to knock out walls or make any mega changes that way. The most important features were durable materials in a high-traffic office,  allow hygienists quick and easy access to the front desk that would not interrupt the flow of the office staff, secure storage for patient files and plenty of workspace for everyone.



The materials chosen for this project were chosen specifically for high durability and easy to clean. The laminate countertops are scratch resistant and wont wear down with frequent cleaning, which is super important in a medical office. The cabinet exteriors were made from a prefinished melamine with a leather texture. The prefinished material is a high pressure laminate that also resists scratches and is easy to clean.



The raised design of the front counters makes it comfortable for staff to work at a computer and interact with clients. The raised counter is also open on the desk side, increasing the work surface of the desk. For clients, this raised surface allows a space for them to lean and sign any necessary documents.



To keep patients information secure, we added locks to specific cabinet drawers. The handles we used are part of the antibacterial collection which features a few simple styles that are designed and made to reduces cross-contamination and spreading of germs. These are a super important feature in any medical office.


Kootenay Life Dental Office Cabinetry


The interiors of the cabinets are standard white melamine with our work-horse metal drawer sides and slides. These slides are fantastic for commercial and high-use/high-turnover applications because they are incredibly simple to use and insanely durable. The drawer bottoms are standard 5/8" thick, meaning there is no worry about sagging drawer bottoms either!



The printer hub is a busy area in any office, which is why it was important for our clients to have it as a stand-alone space. This means that nobody has it on their desk or will be constantly interrupted by others in their space. Genius!