Kitchen Renovation Guide

It is true what they say, the kitchen is really the heart of your home. So much activity takes place here on a daily basis, not to mention holidays and gatherings. You need a space that is functional, easy to organize and can hold multiple people and represents your lifestyle.

A major belief of mine is that a pretty kitchen is nothing without a proper organization plan in place. Yet, when it comes to planning, there is usually a temptation to skip the strategizing and rush straight to choosing colors and materials. That is the exciting part for sure, but if your cooking supplies aren't where you need them, it is not going to be fun to cook and host guests. 

Before creating a beautiful dream kitchen (regardless of whether you’re going down the DIY route or hiring a pro) you need to have solid clarity around the project. You need to understand who uses the space, what activities you use the space for, and what makes you comfortable and relaxed. When people overlook these foundations, they usually end up unable to make decisions, pressured by contractors and stressed out through the entire project! 

I’ve created this course to put a stop to that.

In this course we’re going to talk about:

  • How to create a strong foundation for your kitchen project, chosing styles that compliment you and your lifestyle.

  • Digging deep into who uses the space, and for what activities. How do you want to feel while you are in it?

  • How to budget and stay on track with it.

  • 5 tips on preventing "Scope-Creep"

  • How to find the right team of professionals and what to expect when you are working with them.

This course is perfect for any home owner considering a kitchen renovation, big or small.

Are you ready to get started?


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