Southern Sage Ridge

Today we are giving you an exclusive look into our designer, Tiffany's brand new home! This project reveal is one of our most requested and most anticipated projects of 2017. We are so excited to walk you through how it all came together!

Southern Sage Ridge Kitchen Cabinetry

1  |  Initial Concept

Cabinetry Renderings in CAD

Last year, our skillful designer Tiffany and her husband, Rob decided it was time that they built their own home. They found a lot they loved and got working on blueprints. They knew right away that they wanted custom cabinetry so they worked with our owner, Garold to achieve their modern, yet timeless vision.


2  |  Design Development

After designing hundreds of kitchens for clients, Tiffany had been planning her dream kitchen for a long time. She knew what was important to her and what she definitely did not want. She wanted to keep it clean, bright, simple and of course, very well organized. She chose a kitchen layout that was just that. With only main two upper cabinets on either side of the stove, she dedicated them to plates, glassware, and serving dishes.

Microwave and Countertop Appliance Cabinet Ideas

Beside her fridge, she put a cabinet down to the counter so that she could hide her most used counter top appliances including her toaster, kettle and microwave. The doors open and tuck back down the sides to allow full access.

Throughout the design process Tiffany knew she wanted a feature island, something different, something inviting. She decided to go with a sage green painted island with a black walnut butcher block top. For the perimeter of the kitchen she chose a bright white and for handles she chose to create contrast with a matte black finish.

Green Island with Butcher Block Top


3  |  Accessories

Tiffany loves to cook! She was very attentive to the details, ensuring that she could organize her kitchen for maximum baking and cooking efficiency. She planned each cabinet to hold exact items and knew which accessories she wanted to use organize spices, knives, cutlery, pots, pans and containers.

Mix Master Lift

Anyone who owns a KitchenAid Mix Master knows how heavy and bulky the appliance is. Tiffany recommends investing the the Mix Master Lift. This easy to use accessory lifts the heavy appliance to counter height and locks in place. You no longer have to live with it on your counter or the hassle of moving it back and forth to the pantry.

Knife Block Pullout

Knife Block Pullout

Every great chef knows that you are only as good as your knives but having so many sizes and brands makes storing them a nightmare. This knife block pullout is one of Tiffany's favorite kitchen accessories. This pullout organizes all knifes and cooking utensils and a convenient pullout by the stove and has adjustable shelving underneath for lower storage.


Spice Organizer Pullout

The spice organizer has adjustable shelving to organize all sizes of spice jars. Tiffany placed this pullout right next to her stove for maximum accessibility to all spices while she cooks.  


Spice Organizer

Garbage and Recycling Pullout

The garbage and recycling pullout is one of our most purchased kitchen accessories. Tiffany chose to go with our double soft closing option and uses one bin for garbage and one bin for her recycling. 


Custom Dishwasher Panel

Tiffany chose a "panel-ready" dishwasher which means that her dishwasher is camoflaged amoung her cabinets. One of the benefits of choosing panel ready appliances is it allows you to hide large, bulky or ugly appliances within the neat and symmetrical lines of your cabinetry. 


Hidden Cabinets

Tiffany incorporated hidden cabinets on the back of her island. This space is incredibly useful and great for storing items that you do not use ad frequently. For example, Tiffany stores her seasonal platters and decor that she does not need regular access too but would eat up too much closet/pantry space.

Hidden Cabinets on Back of Island
Hidden Cabinets on Back of Island


4  |  Final reveal

Photographs don't quite do this stunning custom home justice - this is one that you need to explore with the virtual tour below.

Tiffany and Rob said their cabinetry far exceeded what they had envisioned and they are incredibly happy with all the built in closets and additional storage.

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