Contemporary Creekside Villa

If I had to choose one thing I love most about designing cabinetry for homes, I don’t know if I would be able to do it.

But I do know that somewhere near the top of the list of favorites would be differentiating each individual project to suit the clients lifestyle.

It’s a fun creative challenge to make each client’s vision completely distinct and unique. But nothing is harder than trying to design your own space. 

Contemporary Creekside Villa (1).png

1  |  Initial Concept

My home started off... hideous. It was one of those typical houses that desperately needed to be loved and updated. I will have to dig up some before shots for you guys to see.

We knew right from the get-go that there were too many walls in such a tiny space and it needed to be opened up. The house is long and skinny, so from the front door (which sits about center) there were SIX ROOMS!!! Six rooms!! The entrance way, the wood stove sitting area, the (tiny) main bathroom, the kitchen, a bedroom and the living room. The ceiling was barely 8ft and everything was super cramped.

First task was to remove all the walls and vault the ceiling. Obviously this was time consuming and costly... BUT SO WORTH IT. There was just NO fixing the existing blueprint to be suitable. 


2  |  Design Development

Once the walls were removed and the ceiling vaulted, we re-framed the bathroom to be as big as possible, but without compromising to much of the space needed for the kitchen. From there it was straight on to planning the kitchen.

Where the stove sits now, is roughly where the door entering the kitchen was. I didn't want to go too designer on the space because I knew there were a few must-haves I wasn't willing to compromise on, such as a beverage fridge in the island. So I went with a standard stove with an over the range microwave that has a built in fan for cooking. I wanted a couple of pot drawers on each side of the stove. 

Along the sink wall there is a huge window, which is great for bringing in natural light. This also meant only two upper cabinets on either side and I chose to go with a valance over the sink for a more traditional look. 

We chose to stagger the corner cabinet and the fridge cabinet and bumped out the box over the microwave to offer more visual interest.


3  |  Manufacturing

After the details were determined and the final decisions had been made, we did a final site measure once the drywall was up. By doing our final site measure at the drywalling stage, we are able to get most projects in to production and ready to go to site within 3-4 weeks, which coincidentally is the time it takes to drywall, mud, paint and lay the flooring!

During the final site measure, we ensure that all components of the space will work together. We watch for things like electrical and plumbing locations, proper spacing between walls, islands and appliances. Once the details are noted, we head back to the office to engineer the project for our production crew.

At this stage our talented Production Team takes over. They have experience of over 30+ years and are skilled craftsmen. Our shop has plenty state of the art machinery that streamlines the process and ensures consistent high quality throughout. 


4  |  Final reveal

Our install team did a killer job on this install and I couldn't be happier with the finished product! 

Get the full effect of the space with the tour and galleries below!

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Kitchen Cabinets

Wood Species: Maple
Cabinetry Color: Thunder
Cabinet Style: Flat Panel
Handle Hardware: Modern Square Pull from Gipman's Expression Collection
Door and Drawer Hardware: Soft Close
Backsplash: Stone 6"x18" by Cranbrook Flooring
Countertops: Bevel Edge Laminate